We Sinolize.

sinolize ['saɪnɒ·laɪz] verb. make somebody/something become or have (strong) features related to China.

Who We Are

We Sinolize.

We are all talking about China. A grand country, a giant population, and most importantly, a massive opportunity. But this opportunity exists not only in the mysterious country in the Far East, it also exists right here, amongst 3.8 million Chinese residing in the US.

At Heron Interverse, we know China and its people, and we know it well. We help our clients every step along their way to success with the ever-growing overseas Chinese population. We form strong partnerships with our clients and believe that these partnerships will get us far.

To sinolize may sound new to many, but not to us, because we created it.

Million Chinese in USA

2010 Census

% Annual Growth Rate

2008 to 2013 Average
U.S. Department of State

Thousand Chinese Students

As of January 15 2014
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

Billion Dollars Spent in 2013

China National Tourism Administration

What We Do

We start conversations.

We help our clients start conversations. The ingredients to success are vastly different in this market and we are highly knowledgeable about it. We provide strategic and marketing solutions targeting Chinese expats for our clients in various industries, including retail, commercial aviation, technology, non-profit, hospitality, and tourism.

We focus on execution through digital and social media, market research and analysis, as well as inline marketing solutions.

Consumer Strategy

We help our clients find out what their target customers want, and why they choose a product over another.

Inline Marketing

We utilize both online and offline marketing channels to ensure our clients’ voices are heard.

Media Outlet

Our owned media provides our clients with direct access to their target audience.
Now serving Boston, New York, and Hawaii.

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